If you have (or know someone who has had) a service-connected TBI...

To all Veterans, their families or friends:

With the turning of the new year, we start to think again about all the things we should be doing and haven't gotten around to doing yet. For a lot of veterans, this could involve getting help from a local veteran's organization or the VA for TBI. It's easy to look at what is involved in requesting help and saying to ourselves, "It just isn't worth it."


TBI (traumatic brain injury) was and is one of the most frequent injuries from the Iraq and Afganistan wars. It even occurs in non-combat situations here in the states. If you (or a friend or family member) have (or even feel you may have) suffered a service connected TBI,


VFW Post 5917 has received a grant to provide hyperbaric treatment to veterans with service-connected TBI. Comrade Larry Shaver (the VFW District 18 service officer) and his committee would love to help if you are in their jurisdiction. If not, please contact your local, district, or department level VFW veterans service officer. You do NOT need to be a VFW member in order to receive assistance from VFW. If you are, for whatever reason, unable to contact VFW, please contact your local American Legion post, Disabled American Veterans chapter, American Veterans Helping Veterans group. None of these groups will bill you for giving help. We're here to help you. That's what we do!

Comrade Shaver says, "I would strongly advise against trying to file claims for service-connected health issues with the Veterans Administration on your own! [That is not meant to be] a negative comment, or anything derogatory concerning the VA or VA Staff. The truth is they are under funded, under staffed and over worked!" The paperwork requirements for a service-connected claim are stringent. It is very rare to get all of the paperwork submitted correctly on the first try, which leads VA to reject the claim, which just adds stress to the servicemember (and their family) while adding to VA's workload. VFW and Legion service officers are specifically trained to submit this paperwork, and have all handled multiple cases. They know what the VA will be looking for, and can ensure your case is submitted completely and correctly. This will not only get your claim approved faster, but it will reduce the workload on VA, to help EVERYONE's claims move more quickly through the system.

Happy New Year to all from the VFW Post 5917 leadership team!!!